Ep 04: Tobin Heath: World Champion, 2x Olympic gold medalist-on crushing days and living authentically


U.S women’s national team member Tobin Heath (@TobinHeath) aka “The Nutmeg Queen” of the soccer world, is a 3x NCAA champion at North Carolina, a two-time olympic gold medalist, a World Cup champion, 2016 US soccer women player of the year winner, one of two women with 5 star skills on the EA Sports FIFA ’16 video game w/ 5 star skills….the list goes on.
She is an absolute baller and feels most at home on the pitch.
In this conversation, we cover many things, including:

-if her family share’s her laid-backness
-her thoughts while destroying an opponent down the flank
-living to crush each day
-if she gets nervous (spoiler alert: she doesn’t)
-the power of playing with intention
-staying true to herself, despite critics
-life after soccer
-her favorite failure
and heaps more.


Show Notes

1:01      Welcome Tobin Heath!

2:25      www.arrowliving.com

2:58     Does it bother Tobin when her hair is always in her face?

3:59     Did Tobin come from a laid back family?

5:23    Was Tobin born soccer obsessed?

6:44     Tobin’s most influential people in her youth.

7:30     At what age did Tobin want to make the National team?

10:15    When was her 1st National Team call up? 

11:00    Does Tobin get nervous? 

11:51    How does Tobin deal with off-field pressure?

12:38    What is going through Tobin’s mind when she destroy an opponent down the flank? 

14:19    Are skills innate or learned? 

16:26    What does it means to “feel” the ball and importance of intentions

18:05    Is Tobin intentional outside of soccer?

18:53    Where is home?

20:52    What’s left for Tobin to win?

22:23    Anson Dorrance quote

23:06    Tobin’s “here and now” mentality

24:39    Morning routine

25:34    Favorite coffee shop in Portland:  Coffeehouse Northwest

26:08    Free time activities

27:27    Favorite books

28:03    Tobin’s greatest accomplishment in soccer 

34:29    Does Tobin ever go against her instincts?

35:53    Tobin’s life-purpose 

38:40    Favorite failure  

40:20    Tobin’s one simple tip for female athletes

41:32     Where can you find Tobin Heath?

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6 Comment

  1. This was really well done Kendall A+. I enjoyed this interview that you did with Tobin here. It’s always interesting to hear the thought process and how Tobin’s minds works. She totally one of my favorite soccer players to watch play on the field. Looking forward to more of this kind of interviews.

    1. Kendall Johnson says: Reply

      Hi Sarah, I’m glad you enjoyed the interview! I agree, Tobin has a beautiful mind. Her responses allow you to see why she is such a baller. Thanks for listening!

  2. Tobin is amazing

    1. Kendall Johnson says: Reply

      Agree 100% Melissa!

  3. Kendall is rad. Tobin is rad. This podcast episode is rad. Thanks for sharing. (:

    1. Kendall Johnson says: Reply

      Thanks for listening 🙂

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