EP 31- The Most Effective Way to Dominate Life

As an athlete, being told to rest is one of the last things that we want to hear. Typically, if there is something wrong in my life, I react by working harder. But when I got my concussion,  my doctor told me that the fastest way to get back on the pitch was to do nothing. So I headed his advice. And the craziest thing happened. I loved it…

“My pure happiness stemmed from tapping into that presence. From being exactly where I was. Unconcerned about what I “had to do” to set me up for success. I did things because I felt like it, because they elevated my well-being, and I trusted that the mental break would get me back on the field sooner.

This joy didn’t come from just relaxing. I have had plenty of “recovery days” over the years. It stemmed from being exactly where I was, and no where else.

Nature has this nonjudgmental way of awakening my soul. It happens when I’m around authentic people, and when I’m immersed in a soccer game. I am more alive and see the world brighter.”

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