EP 34- The Day I Met Ryan Gosling and Decided to Quit Soccer and Travel the World

In today’s episode, I tell the story of the time I was over facing numerous setbacks throughout my soccer career. I contemplated giving up soccer and opening up a frozen coconut yogurt shop, or an earthy chill-vibed cafe, or a surf and soccer school in South America. I also kinda met Ryan Gosling ….

“There comes a point, when these things start to pile up and you inevitably begin to question your trajectory. It’s like if you were to play a continuous game of Jenga for a year straight with friends. And every round, you are the one who pulls out the wood block that makes the entire tower come crashing down. The first few times you may attribute your defeat to luck, or lack thereof, but then after the 12th time you start to wonder if the game is rigged. Or maybe it’s just not your game. Maybe you should just accept that it’s not your game, and go to the cupboard to pick a new one.

“Is soccer just not my game?”

Full written article with pictures HERE


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