Arrow Liver: Rachel Lowell

Let me introduce you to ArrowLiver, Rachel Lowell. I met Rachel after a Thorns FC game in our autograph line. Fans often ask us to sign scarfs, roster pamphlets, and jerseys, but Rachel had printed off the Arrow Living logo and quote. Later that night, she sent me an email. Here’s a portion of it:

“I also just gotta say thank you so much for creating the Arrow Living podcasts and the idea behind it, your podcasts and motto of Arrow Living single handedly kept me somewhat sane and also motivated me throughout my concussion recovery.

And I listened to the first podcast and my mindset towards my concussion and really life in general was completely changed- it put my injury in perspective, I realized that if you could get through a concussion as bad as yours then I could get through a mild concussion. And the quote also helped me realize that this injury wasn’t necessarily a terrible thing- I was capable and I had the opportunity to turn such a setback into a positive and productive experience.

And so I snuck my laptop into my room and printed off the quote and your logo and taped it up above my bed as a constant reminder that this wasn’t the end of the world and that i had to keep aiming towards my goals rather than giving up all hope and so I started doing a lot of thinking and planning.

Even though I’m being pulled backward, you have inspired me to create daily plans and to start doing the little things, so when I return I feel and hope that I’ll be better able to help my team reach something great.”

I asked Rachel what her instagram handle was so I could tag her in this post, and she responded that she doesn’t have one because she listened to the EP 10 Interview with Emily Menges, when Emily mentioned why she deactivated hers, and it resonated.

This is why I play. Rachel is an #ArrowLiver.

Do you have any friends who are Arrow Livers?  Friends who have endured setbacks but make the most of them? If so, tag them in the comments!
P.S.  Anyone dealing with concussion symptoms check out Headway Foundation, a nonprofit run by athletes that offers the best concussion resources and support.

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