38 Paige Pattillo- On 100 miles races, running with poisonous snakes, and her motto “just don’t do it”

In today’s episode, I interview ultra-runner Paige Pattillo. Paige grew up running in her hometown Bothell, Washington. She ran cross country at the University of Portland. Two years ago, at the age of 26, Paige ventured into the ultra-running racing scene. Paige recently completed in the Gorge Waterfall 100k, and because of her finish, was one of just ten people to receive a golden ticket to the Western States, one of the most competitive and prestigious 100 mile races in the world.

Who in their right mind would want to run 100 miles? I did not understand it, until I did some investigation. After talking with Paige, it’s clear why people catcha the ultra-running bug.

Paige is a very inquisitive soul and we go deep into her mindset during her races.

In our conversation we talk about:

-why Paige and her wife, former Seattle Reign FC Player Keelin Winters Pattillo, lived in a camper van for over 3 months in Australia for their honeymoon

-Paige’s counter-cultural motto “just don’t do it” and how training less improved her performance.

-Her experience with  “runner’s high” and how she loses sense of time.

-How she deals with the negativity during the lowest point of her races.

-Her training regimen for the Western States 100 mile race

-Why she believes every human, physiologically, was made perfectly for long distance running

And more.

Here’s the the 100 mile Western States documentary Paige shared with me. Be prepared to get me amped up on life! LIFE IN A DAY | The Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run

I hope this interview gets you inspired as well. Enjoy, my conversation with Paige Patillo.





Show Notes

:54                             Who is Paige Pattillo?

1:30                            What type of person wants to run 100 miles?

4:38                            Paige’s Honeymoon in Australia

6:32                            Her experience WWOOFING down under

9:24                            Paige’s encounter with deadly snakes

12:00                   The most prestigious and oldest 100 mile race

13:08                   Did Paige always have a goal of running the “Western States”?

14:03                   How does one qualify for the Western States race?

15:44                   Paige’s 1st qualifying race

17:44                   What is the “gap the chase pack” strategy?

22:40                   The power of letting go

23:08                   What is Paige’s training regimen?

24:38                   Are the majority of elite runner sponsored or working full time?

25:38                   How does Paige balance her life?

27:13                   Typical Ultra runner compared to Paige

29:00                   Paige’s approach of less training mileage

32:07                   Paige’s motto: “Just Don’t Do It”

32:50                   Paige’s alternative training – yoga, strength, cycling

34:40                   Comfort in Discomfort

37:25                   Arrow Living Article: When Two Competitive Athletes Fall In Love

37:43                   Paige’s running mindset and why she would choose to run 100 miles

40:27                   Advice to  “non-runners”

44:44                   Paige’s race mindset – the runner’s high and lows

53:00                   How to get out of negative thoughts on a run and her mental strategies

57:15                   How is running a metaphor for life?

100:40                  What is a safety runner?

1:01:10                 Paige’s replenishment choices

101:59                  What is Paige’s goal time?

1:03:13                 Paige’s morning routine

1:03:50                 One belief that other people think is crazy

1:06:50                 Biggest misconception about Paige

1:07:19                 What non-athlete does Paige look up to?

1:08:45                 Paige’s favorite failure

1:09:54                 Greatest accomplishment

1:10:11                 What mental & body prep does Paige do before a race?

1:11:04                 Post race movement activities

1:11:25                 One simple tip for female athletes



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Paige and Keelin’s love story: When Two Competitive Athletes Fall in Love

Watch this to get amped on life! LIFE IN A DAY | The Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run

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