EP 30- Arrow Tip Tuesday: Move in the Morning

When I have a killer workout planned, the worst part is hardly ever during the exercise, but rather the anticipation. It’s the mental chatter:  Ughh, this is going to suck, i just want to get this over with…but once the workout begins, even if I’m gasping for air and praying I make it out alive,  the pre-chatter still was the worst part.

The same thing goes for mornings. Mornings have the potential to be the King of mehhhh-like thoughts.

But like workouts, this pre-chatter isn’t serving us.

And when anything is not serving me, I like to nip it in the bud ASAP.

Tony Robbins, a master of the human psyche,  holds seminars to get people amped up on life. I attended one of his speaking events.  Consistently, people leave feeling like they are on top of the world. One of the main ways he gets people  to change their beliefs is through movement. He says that the mind is the weakest part of our body. This is because our brains are programmed to survive, which can cause us to see things as more threatening than they are in reality… like getting out of bed.

Tony explains that the quickest, most effective way to change our internal state is to move. Physical activity changes the biochemistry in your body. It sends endorphins into the brain and regulates your mood.

One of the exercises Tony had the audience do was to celebrate like it was the greatest moment of your life. To get as into it as possible, throw your arms up in the air, hug people, jump up and down. At this event there were thousands of people screaming like little kids and the energy I felt was outrageous.

When you full on celebrate, extending your arms up, this movement opens up your diaphragm and fires off neurotransmitters into your brain that make you happier.

This is why my morning routine always includes some type of movement.

In episode 27, I detailed the first part of my morning routine, in which I visualize while half-asleep. After this visualization, I get my move on!

My Morning Movement

I stretch out my entire body and yell a positive statement to myself like “let’s goooo kendall, today’s about to be a beautiful day, I love you!!” I’m 110% fully aware that this sounds cheeseball with extra swiss, cheddar and mozzarella, but it works for me. When I yell, rather than whisper, these affirmations radically alter my sleepy state and make me feel more alert. I then get out of bed, and do some sort of exercise.

Moving is powerful stuff. As athletes, there’s a reason we all love moving. It makes us feel good.  I love moving, as long as it’s not the beep test, or a run exceeding 10 miles, or burpees, or hills or…. just kidding, sort of.

But my movement in the morning, takes less than 5 minutes,  and it without fail gets me juiced up.

Prior to my concussion, I had a routine in which I would do 20 push-ups and a one minute plank each way.

But the movement doesn’t even have to be that extreme. I now take a more gentler approach to wake up my body, I begin with some neck and back stretches, and then I finish with whatever movement I’m feeling lunge squats, jumping in the air Tony Robbins style…I do it until my heart rate is elevated my breath quickens, and my body warms.

Then after that, I’m in a way more lively state and ready to seize the day.

I recommend experimenting with what movement works for you. You may like to ease into it with yoga or just get down and dirty. If you want,  try my push-up plank series. The first week I started this program I did 10 push-ups, and then a 30 second plank each way. Each week I added 1 push up and 5 extra seconds to each plank, until I worked my way up to 20 push-ups and 1 minute plank each way.

This would get me Ronda Rousey-fired up to start my day.

Except that I don’t have any desire to beat girls up. I prefer to throw hugs and not punches.  That’s just me.

If you try out my plank/push-up series let me know how you like it! Do you have a morning movement routine? Do you have any suggestions on how I can improve mine?

Let me know!


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