Former Professional Soccer Player Keelin Winters, Becomes A Firefighter

Arrow Liver Keelin Winters Pattillo  has retired from professional soccer, but holy smokes is she on fire (pun intended)!! After 12 weeks of rigorous training in the Kirkland academy, Keelin is now officially a certified probationary firefighter!  Her wife, Paige is also crushing life, and a little crazy, as she runs (and often wins) 100k races, just for fun. Because someone’s gotta do it. These two beauties are freak of nature athletes and their love melts my heart. So much so, that I wrote a piece on their love story. They locked eyes in a college biology class, started hanging out, and once they passed the pivotal moment in every athlete’s relationship “the couples workout,” they knew they were be competitive soulmates for life. Congrats to the Pattillos on doing big things and being #RelationshipGoals


Full Written Article on Keelin and Paige’s love story here:

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