45-Jordan Angeli-on how she overcame 3 ACL tears and scored an unforgettable “World Cup” goal

In today’s conversation, I interview former professional soccer player, broadcaster for the Major League Soccer and the National Women’s Soccer League, and ACL Club founder, Jordan Angeli.

Jordan tore her ACL twice while at Santa Clara. She recovered and entered the professional level in her best form, earning herself multiple  US National team call-ups. During her first game of the second season with the Boston Breakers, Jordan tore her ACL for the third time.

Somewhat unexpectedly, and three years later, Jordan opted to make another comeback playing with the Washington Spirit and  Western New York Flash. In 2015, she opted to walk away from the game on her own terms.

Jordan is now pursuing her passion on the other side of the lines, as a broadcaster. She also runs the ACL Club, a club that provides support and resources for athletes recovering from  ACL tears. I highly recommend checking out her website and her podcast Show Your Scars, where she interviews professional athlete about their own acl stories.

In our conversation Jordan talks about:

-why she proudly trained with a U11 girls team during her comeback form her 3rd ACL tear

-the goal she envisioned scoring in the World Cup with her fellow Colorado Rush  Lindsey Horan, and how it came true in a different fashion

-what it was like being a 6 year senior at Santa Clara

-tools she used to help her manage her emotions while coming back from injury

-the hike that spurred her decision to walk away from playing professional soccer

-her go-to hairstyle for broadcasting

And more.

Enjoy my conversation with the passionate, connection-seeking Jordan Angeli.


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:51                     Who is Jordan Angeli
1:52                    Show Your Scars podcast
3:45                  Does Jordan enjoy “stalking” interviewees?
5:30                   Angeli Upper Deck 2011 Boston Breaker card
6:40                    Jordan’s obsession with getting nails painted
7:34                    Jordan’s metaphors for life while being out in nature   ACL site
11:15                   Is there only one end goal for Jordan?
12:14                   Jordan explains being WCC defender of the year and most goals scored on team
14:05                   When was Jordan’s 1st ACL tear?
15:31                   What was her mindset about making it back on the field?
17:28                   When was the 2nd ACL tear?
21:37                   How could the trainer have conveyed the diagnosis better?
22:38                   How did she cope with the news?
23:58                   Did Jordan show her emotions?
26:52                   When did the 3rd ACL tear occur?
28:08                   Was it a personal choice to take a slower rehab?
29:39                   How was it being a 6th year senior?
30:57                   Was playing on the National team always a dream?
35:09                   3rd ACL filled with frustration and how did she deal with it?
41:00                   How did she get through 3 years of rehab and recovery?
44:58                   Training with U11 girls team, boys teams and her slow progression
46:07                   When she got back out on the pro field, did she feel 100%?
47:30                   How did her role change on the team?
48:10                   How did Jordan deal with not being on the field?
50:20                   Unforgettable moments
52:14                   What is Jordan’s visualization process?
53:48                   When did Jordan realize the National Team wasn’t her end goal?
56:20                   How did the decision to quit playing soccer feel for Jordan?
58:38                   The ACL Club
1:02:13                 Let’s go vs. Let it go
1:05:50                 Jordan’s philosophy of “looking outside of yourself” during recovery
1:08:12                 Jordan’s game day routine
1:11:32                 Her crazy windblown reporting
1:13:44                 How is she treated as a female broadcaster in the MLS?
1:17:03                 One belief Jordan has that others think is crazy
1:20:34                 Jordan’s tip for female athletes



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  1. Fantastic podcast.
    Regardless of which health comeback,be it an acl or any other,i did identify when Jordan said that looking outside of yourself,helping others,healthy distractions,having a perspective switch can be enormously beneficial.Support systems,family and rest can help to.Great interview.

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