41- Emily Infeld- On “no days off”, recovery tips, and coping from injury with Bon Bons

In today’s episode, I interview professional long distance runner Emily Infeld. Emily grew up running track in her hometown of University Heights. At Georgetown University, she set the school record in the 3000m and 5000m, and notched a first place 3000m finish at the NCAA Indoor Championships. After college, Emily decided to pursue her dream of running professionally. She became one of the first women to join Jerry Schumacher’s Portland-based running group, the Bowerman Track Club, which encompasses some of the best runners in the world.

One of my favorite things about our conversation, is that despite Emily’s bubbliness and positivity, she candidly shares her internal struggles-including when she suffered a stress fracture just months before the Olympic trials (the race she’d been training for the past four years). In her lowest state. after a couple weeks of coping via snarfing down peanut butter and bon bons in bed, Emily persevered by accepting where she was and giving her best on that given day. Her strategies worked, as she competed in the 2016 Summer Olympics and earned a 3rd place in the World Championship finals.


In our conversation, we talk about:

-The benefits of high altitude training and other running “hacks”

-Her college track days (with Portland Thorns FC Emily Menges) attach link to Emily Menges podcast

-What it’s like training with her childhood idols, Shalane Flanagan and Kara Goucher

-Why she takes just one full day off every two months

-How she recovers from training sessions

And a lot more.

Enjoy my conversation with the upbeat, very fast human, Emily Infeld.



Show Notes

:50 Who is Emily Infield?

3:10 The benefits of altitude training

6:57 What running hacks does Emily use? Cyrotherapy

8:20 Has Emily always known how to rest her body?

10:24 Emily’s recovery day

12:20 What does Emily do to release from the pressure of running?

13:50 Emily’s ombre hair & baking

16:02 Emily Menges’ Georgetown running

18:10 How did Emily choose Georgetown?

19:54 What other sports did young Emily participate in?

21:55 When did Emily start specializing in running?

23:15 Emily’s first Olympic dream

24:40 Emily’s path to the Bowerman Track Club

27:45 Her training partners:  Shalane Flanagan & Kara Goucher

29:39 What made the recruiting visit to Portland special?

30:52 Is Emily an analyzer or go with the flow personality?

31:49 Emily’s 1st training session with her idols

33:50 What is the training team like?

34:50 Is everyone’s training regime the same?

37:05 How helpful is training in a small team atmosphere?

39:12 World Championship experience 2015

42:23 How did she qualify for the Olympics?

43:37 Emily’s stress fracture recovery

45:49 How did Emily emotionally react to her setbacks?

49:38 What did it feel like for Emily to run in the Olympics?

52:50 Balancing competitiveness, setbacks and the appreciation of the sport

55:37 How does Emily get thru a mediocre track workout?

57:06 What would Emily tell her 12 year old self?

58:41 What are the best ways to recover after a run?

59:53 What music does Emily listen to while she runs?  Her obsession with Blink 182

1:00:47 Is running a form of mindfulness for Emily?

1:02:10 Emily’s morning routine

1:03:21 What body or mental prep does Emily do before training?

1:04:26 Biggest misconception that people have about Emily?

1:06:26 How does Emily get herself out of mental slumps?

1:08:12 Emily’s favorite failure

1:11:20 What is Emily’s favorite accomplishment?

1:13:38 What is Emily’s one simple tip for female athletes?


Follow Emily:

On Twitter: @emily_infeld

On Instagram: @EmilyInfeld


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