43- Elli Reed- On using her sport to give back, veganism, and dancing with the mayor of Vicos, Peru

In today’s episode, I interview former professional soccer player and humanitarian Elli Reed.  Throughout her career, Elli played seasons in Boston, Seattle, Sweden, Germany and Australia. Over the years, Elli’s passion for giving back to her community has strengthened. She continues to use her platform to support causes she believes in.

Elli and I recently partook in a trip with the nonprofit Crooked Trails to help construct a soccer field in the remote village of Vicos, Peru.

In our conversation talk about:

-how this Peru trip changed her outlook on life and her future aspirations
-why she thinks Vicos, Peru completely curbed her anxiety about everyday worries
-Schooling little boys in pick-up soccer on the street
-Dealing with the ups and downs of athletics and her ever-changing relationship with soccer
-The documentary she watched that influenced her decision to go vegan
-Her go-to artists that get her to drop it low on the dance floor
And more.

Enjoy my conversation with the nature-loving, traveler Elli Reed.


:46              Who is Elli Reed?

2:42             Crooked Trails

7:21              Miraflores, Lima Peru and playing soccer in the town square

14:23            Experience of building a soccer field in Vicos, Peru

15:37             expectations of non-profit trip

17:15              Typical day for Crooked Trails trip

18:57              First experience of playing on manure high altitude field

23:23              Pachamama ceremonial dinner

26:24              Elli’s feeling about retirement

27:39               What contributed to her peace about retirement

28:09               Has Elli always been involved in volunteering?

29:50                Elli’s vegan restaurant searching skills and why she chooses the vegan lifestyle

32:45                Racing Extinction

33:36                 Did Elli always have a connection with nature?

35:05                  How soccer obsessed was Elli as a child?

36:07                  How has Elli’s relationship with soccer changed over her career?

38:15                   Has the volunteering in Peru changed her perspective on her future?

42:45                   Elli’s morning routine

43:47                    The best advice Elli’s ever been given.

45:45                     Elli’s favorite song

45:54                    One belief other’s think is crazy

46:12                     Elli’s favorite app

46:33                     Her favorite failure

47:49                      One tip for female athletes


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