36-Christine Sinclair- On how to be a leader and her recovery from perfectionism

In today’s episode, I interview the captain of the women’s Canadian national soccer team and Portland Thorns FC striker Christine Sinclair. Christine is a Legend with a capital L. She attended University of Portland (Go Pilots!) While there she was a Mac Hermann trophy recipient and a  2x NCAA champion.  She has received countless other accolades throughout her career including being the a 12x recipient of Canada’s Soccer Player of the Year, 2x bronze Olympic medalist, she’s been short listed for fifa player of the year 7 times, and is the second leading goal scorer in the world, just behind Abby Wambach.

But even more admirable than her accolades, is who Christine is as a human. Despite being one of the top players in the world, she is incredibly down to earth. Christine despises being in the spotlight and is a private person in general, but in our discussion she opens up and explains in her own words, she’s actually not a “hermit.”  You’ll see that she’s a little bit weird and quite funny.

In our conversation we talk about


  • How everyone can be a leader, and what it takes to become one

what it was like surpassing her idol Mia Hamm in all-time goals-scored

-The impromptu speech she gave in the locker room to her distraught teammates during the Olympics

-How the loss of multiple family members completely change her perspective on soccer, and allowed her to take her game to the next level

-Why she slurps mustard before and during the half-time of games with Emily Menges  (Emily also makes a guest appearance!)

-The method she uses to become a world-class finisher

-Why she named her achilles tendon “Clarence”


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Show Notes

:57 Who is Christine Sinclair?

3:45 Charlie, the love of her life!

5:15 How did Christine choose University of Portland

9:00 How was winning the NCAA women’s soccer championships?

10:05 What is Sinc’s top moment in her career?

11:15 Other sports played by Christine

11:45 When did she know soccer was her main sport?

13:25 Was she always a standout player?

14:04 Did she have goals from the beginning of her career?

14:35 What players did she idolize?

15:32 When did she know she would play in a world cup?

15:44 What did it feel like to surpass Mia Hamm’s goal scoring record?

18:02 Why is Christine so well liked by teammates?

19:45 Does Sinc like being a leader?

21:05 Can everyone be a leader?

22:32 What is Christine’s memories of the 2012 London Olympics

26:57 Why doesn’t Christine like being in the spotlight?

28:15   Her perspective on social media

30:28 How does she deal with her competitiveness?

31:40 The importance of team bonding

36:29 Her battle with being a recovering perfectionist

37:55 How has Sinc learned to play more freely?

40:10 What would she tell her 18 year old self?

42:14 Sinc’s favorite coffee shop

43:42 Favorite restaurant

44:38 How has she dealt with body pain?

50:40 Christine’s stats & records

55:03 What does Sinc like about Portland, Oregon

56:31 Her morning routine

58:34 What is the biggest misconception about Christine?

59:31 What one belief does Christine have that others think is crazy?

1:00:20 Favorite failure

1:02:21 Greatest accomplishment

1:04:32 How has she developed her amazing finishing skills?

1:06:00 What is Sinc’s one simple tip for female athletes

1:07:30 Favorite downtime activity

1:08:15 What does Christine enjoy most about scoring goals

1:08:45 pregame rituals & superstitions

1:09:57 What 3 Thorns players would she choose to be with on a deserted island?

1:10:24 Has there ever been a moment when she wanted to quit soccer?


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