42- Keeley Tillotson and Erika Welsh – On dropping out of college, appearing on Shark Tank, and building a 7 million dollar business

In today’s episode I interview Wild Friends cofounders Keeley Tillotson and Erika Welsh. Keeley and Erika’s nut butter company was born one afternoon, in their University of Oregon dorm room. As life-long athletes, Keeley and Erika shared an affinity for peanut butter’s convenient, healthy, and delicious profile. One day, they decided to concoct their own […]

39-Caitlin Foord-on sacrificing the “little parties in between for the bigger party at the end”

In today’s episode, I interview Australian national soccer team member, Caitlin Foord. Caitlin grew up a 2 minute walk from the beach in Lake Illawarra, New South Wales, Australia. Before Caitlin took up soccer, she participated in athletics, touch football, and surf life saving. At age 9, Caitlin played in her first soccer game at […]

Garga Caserta-Thorns FC strength and conditioning coach-on maximizing speed, injury prevention, and the Brazilian capoeira

In today’s episode, I interview Garga Caserta. Garga is the Thorns FC performance management consultant and strength and conditioning coach. He is the owner of GC Strength, a sports performance center specifically for soccer players. He is also the father of two dogs, and soon-to-be human father, as he and his wonderful wife, Molly, are […]

EP 24- Jacqueline Wiles: US ski team Olympian- On chasing snow and dreams, with a side of medicinal mushrooms

In today’s episode, I interview US downhill and super G ski team member and Olympian Jacqueline Wiles, aka Janky Lil’ J . Take a look at Jackie’s Instagram and you’ll see beautiful snow-capped mountains ranging from Chile to New Zealand to Switzerland. Jackie is living her dream, but her life isn’t always glamorous. Behind those photos […]

When Two Competitive Athletes Fall in Love

“Hi my name’s Keelin and we have a lot of classes together. We should study together.” Keelin Winters prepared for this exchange the second she spotted the blue-eyed brunette who shared 4 out of her 5 classes. Few things rattle Keelin. She comes from a competitive, confident family; a father who played and coached professional […]