What do Peter Baum and Andrew Wiggins Have in Common? A Lot and a Little.

Andrew Wiggins and Peter Baum are both undeniably talented professional athletes with promising careers ahead of them. In high school, they were All-Americans. Their impressive in-game performances led them to become top college recruits. Their continued dominance throughout college earned them each the # 1 overall draft pick in their respective professional leagues. And they […]

Michelle Betos’ Super-sized Childhood Leads to Super-sized Success

While my 12 year-old self was busy pogo sticking my heart away, Michelle Betos was indoors enjoying the bounty of homemade spaghetti carbonara, Pastichio, and whatever other Greek cuisine her mom was whipping up in the kitchen. Michelle had no interest hopping along with me. She was much more content chowing down on her mother’s concoctions. As […]