47-Bianca Henninger-on finding balance, calming a hyper-analytical mind, and her affinity for business signs

In today’s episode I interview Mexico national team goalkeeper Bianca Henninger. Bianca attended Santa Clara University and currently plays club soccer for the Houston Dash. Growing up, Bianca was a frequent member of the youth U.S National Teams. In 2010, she received the US Soccer Young Female Athlete Award. She recently made the switch to the Mexico National team. Bianca is a fierce competitor on the field, but very easygoing and lighthearted off of it.

In her free time you’ll find Bianca cheering on her hometown Bay Area teams, walking up and down streets snapping photos of business signs, eating pizza, and obviously more.  


In our conversation Bianca talks about:

-the strategy she employs to get through tough workouts

-the importance of finding the balance that’s right for you

-the deep connection she has with her two creative brothers, whom are a filmmaker and singer/songwriter

-the effect stress has on your play

-what spurred her decision to switch from the U.S to the Mexico national team

-how she calms her over-active mind, which she claims could be a television show

-why living in Houston has forced her to change her fashion style

-her affinity for business signs (she’s cool with Universal signs too, but she’s a BIG FAN of the business signs)

And more.


Enjoy my conversation with the balance-seeking, sign-loving Bianca Henninger.


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:52                          Who is Bianca Henninger ?
3:01                       Her love of signs
4:19                      Her favorite sign
6:42                     Bianca’s brothers
9:00                    What influence did her parent’s have on her lifestyle?
10:35                   Why did Bianca’s dad always give her books and when did she love reading?
14:20                   Her favorite book
16:38                   U-20 World Cup penalty kick trauma – the triple encroachment!
20:38                   What was her reaction to the loss?
22:48                   What mindset strategies does she use for her training?
25:40                   Does Bianca take responsibility for a loss as a goalkeeper?
28:01                   What process does she use to get back into a positive mindset?
29:05                   Bianca’s training thoughts
31:23                   Float therapy: in Portland: Ensofloat
34:45                   Bianca’s meditation practice
37:22                   What inspired Bianca’s move to the Mexican national team?
39:45                   What type of reaction did she get for the switch?
41:50                   Is there differences between the training and climate of the two national teams?
44:00                   What’s Bianca’s experience of living in Houston?
47:50                   What useful tip has she gotten from a goalkeeper coach?
49:49                   Bianca’s am routine
51:11                   Biggest misconception people have about Bianca?
52:50                   What belief or habit does Bianca have that others think is crazy?
1:00:35                 What is the worst advice Bianca has ever been given?
1:02:06                 What is Bianca’s favorite app?  VSCO 
1:03:14                 What one tip would you give to a female athlete?
Houston Dash
The Moth   


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