44- My mom, Ann Johnson- On parenting a female athlete, supporting your child’s obsession, and feeding the team

In today’s episode, I interview my mother,  Ann Johnson.

I often get asked by parents about what their kid needs to do to make it to the next level. I believe the driving force must come from the kid, but parents can have a huge impact on a child’s well-being. My mom is one of my biggest supporters and is a big reason I am where I am today. She’s also a freak of nature athlete and can kick my butt in workouts.

In our conversation we talk about
-her favorite type of workouts, including one that can easily be done at home
-why she didn’t get involved with coaches decisions, even if she disagreed  
-the most challenging aspect of parenting a female athlete    
-her stance on kids playing multiple sports vs specializing on one
-why parenting athletes is like being a full time chauffeur    
-the delicious meals she cooked for my teammates and the crazy games she had us play while w/ the Portland Pilots, Sky Blue FC, and the Portland Thorns  

And more.

Enjoy my conversation with my favorite mother in the whole wide world.



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  1. Just started listening to your podcast. Kudos to your mum! I am in the position of being a running wife to a running husband. And, well, his debut on the marathon didn’t go as planned. You can read more here: https://interpretersontherun.wordpress.com/2017/12/11/first-road-marathon-mission-aborted/ Think the supporting role is so interesting and so rarely tackled.

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