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Who am I?


On July, 10, 1999, I knew what I was going to be when I grew up. I was 8-years old. My blonde pony-tailed self, sat criss-crossed, arm distance away from the television, blue-eyes glued to U.S women’s National team member Brandi Chastain, gearing up to shoot the potential game-winning kick in the World Cup final. My heart beat to the pulse of a shake weight. Brandi placed the ball down, backed up a few steps, and struck the shot into the back of the net, sending 90,185 attendees into a volcanic victorious eruption.

At that precise moment, it was as if a computer hacker dissected my brain and implanted an indestructible obsession: Soccer. Soccer. Soccer. From that point on, my entire universe revolved around a checkered ball.

I repped my Mia Hamm jersey to school. I stayed at the park past dawn to beat my juggling record. I cyber stalked my female idols….I was high-jacked and there was no going back.

Since then, I have had this inexplicable drive to to get better and better and better.

I went on to win my high school’s first ever soccer state championship, got recruited by my dream school, University of Portland, represented the US in the U-20 World Cup, got drafted to the NWSL, and am now playing professionally in my hometown Portland, Oregon.

This hunger has transformed me into a full-fledged obsessive learner.

If I have a burning, I’m going to find the answer. Not just any answer, but THE best, most accurate answer.

If I want a protein powder, I’m finding the top of the line, cutting edge, organic, environmentally friendly, Beyonce-esque protein powder.

If I want to improve my dribbling skills, I’m YouTubing every dribbling drill invented and creating my own plan.

If I want to enhance my cognitive functioning,  I’m sticking an Earth Pulse under my pillow to sync my brain up to the electromagnetic pulses of Mother Nature.  And during the day, I’m clipping a machine to my nose that shines infra-red light up my nostril to produce  ATP in my brain (I have worn this devise in public multiple times to my friends embarrassment, and I am not sorry about it) 

I try out a method, and if it works for me, then I keep it.  If it doesn’t, then I’m onto the next one.

I’ve applied this principle to nearly every circumstance in my life.

Yet, there are times when I’ve had a challenge, that no amount of web-surfing or book-reading or professional advice could solve it for me.

Like when I got a concussion, and 8 months later, I was still experiencing trash-compacting headaches and near-yakking nausea. I had experts suggesting I retire, cautioning me“people don’t come back from something like this.”

It’s during these times of adversity that it’s forced me to step-up my exploration to an entirely new level. I had to inquire within my own personal encyclopedia:

Why do I want to play soccer so badly? Who am I if I don’t have soccer? Why am I so desperate to find answers? What’s the purpose of my life?

It is this self-examination of my motives and feelings behind my aspirations that has had the most profound impact on my life-far beyond any workout regimen, diet, or training strategy.

Among many revelations, I am convinced of one thing:

The medals, awards, accolades, even the act of “overcoming”… those are undeniably rewarding.

But why do some athletes have star-studded careers, yet deep down they are still unhappy?

I believe it’s because as driven, determined athlete, we often get stuck into a “striving trance,” always wanting more, and thus are never satisfied.

I’m competitive as hell. I have massive dreams. I want to win. I refuse to settle. But if I have all the championships, and accolades in the world and I’m still not fulfilled, then what’s the point of it all?

That’s why I created Arrow Living.

What is Arrow Living?


Do you know what percentage of people play sports professionally? How many become millionaires? Start their own company? Do you really think you’re cut out for that?  And let’s not forget that you’re a girl! Come on, be realistic. You’d get eaten alive. You should get a real job. Wifey up. Settle down.

If these questions and banter make you want to squirt pickle juice all up in this Hater’s eyes, then you’re in the right place.

Arrow Living is a mindset for the dream-chasers, truth-seekers, go-getters, risk-takers, “should”-shunners, and all those who despise the word “average” even more than “moist” “chunky” and “panties” combined.

It’s a lifestyle in which you define success on your own terms and make a deliberate, committed effort to play and live life in the authentic way possible.

It’s a motto in which you go after the dreams that light you up, while never losing sight of who you are in the process.

Arrow Living is for the female athletes who:

-wake up before sunrise to run extra sprints

-sleep in past 10 because their body asked them to

-leave the house without brushing their hair

-wear make-up on game day because “look good, play good”

-are first in line for a new drill

-are last in line for a new drill, studying those before them 

-have a notebook documenting every single one of their workouts

-own zero notebooks, live in the moment, and play free

-tear their acl for the third time and already envision themselves on the field back even stronger

-tear their acl for the third time, and have the profound/unparalleled courage to let their sport go 

-are unconditionally grateful for their body and all its capable of

-have been told their goals are unrealistic, and wholeheartedly pursue them anyways

-know their sport is what they do, and not who they are

-believe impossible is an opinion, and failure temporary

-were born to play on the court, and not sit in the stands

Why join Arrow Living?

Every athlete, entrepreneur, rockstar, badass woman has their own “success” formula. Methods that have contributed to their accomplishments and fulfillment. 

There are common habits and practices amongst top performers.

But there is no one “right” approach. 

Each person has their own motives and purpose for being an athlete, therefore different methodologies will align with your soul.

Arrow Living provides authentic personal stories, interviews and tips to help you uncover YOUR unique recipe. The one that allows YOU to play and live life in the most fulfilling way possible.

You deserve to be a champion.  A gym rat. A gold medalist. A black belt. A weekend warrior.  Whatever lights YOU up inside. Do it full throttle to the best of your ability.

That is the essence of Arrow Living.

Final word of caution: I am no expert. Far from it. Ironically, that’s what drives my obsession for improvement. We will never know it all. This very fact means that we are nowhere close to maximizing our potential. To me, that is invigorating. It fuels my fire and is the reason I will never tire of learning. The insights I’ve gained from others have been invaluable in my pursuit of fulfillment as an athlete and human. I share my insights, in hopes that they’ll do the same for you.

Cheers to Arrow Living.