49-Adele Jackson Gibson-on connecting with her body through Crossfit, a beauty pageant, and shaving off her hair

In today’s episode,  I interview Adele Jackson Gibson. Adele is a Crossfitter , sports model, and editor for The Players Tribune  (one of my favorite athlete sources because it provides stories that come directly from the athletes, told by the athletes, as opposed to the media skewing their stories). Adele played goalkeeper at Yale University.  She then […]

47-Bianca Henninger-on finding balance, calming a hyper-analytical mind, and her affinity for business signs

In today’s episode I interview Mexico national team goalkeeper Bianca Henninger. Bianca attended Santa Clara University and currently plays club soccer for the Houston Dash. Growing up, Bianca was a frequent member of the youth U.S National Teams. In 2010, she received the US Soccer Young Female Athlete Award. She recently made the switch to […]