46-Emily Allard-on finding the reason you play, managing feelings of hopelessness, and connecting to the ocean

In today’s episode I interview professional softball player and founder of Be The Momentum Emily Allard. Emily played college softball at Northwestern and continued on at the professional level with the Chicago Bandits, where her team has won two back to back championships. Emily is currently coming back from a concussion injury and is refreshingly […]

45-Jordan Angeli-on how she overcame 3 ACL tears and scored an unforgettable “World Cup” goal

In today’s conversation, I interview former professional soccer player, broadcaster for the Major League Soccer and the National Women’s Soccer League, and ACL Club founder, Jordan Angeli. Jordan tore her ACL twice while at Santa Clara. She recovered and entered the professional level in her best form, earning herself multiple  US National team call-ups. During her […]