EP 24- Jacqueline Wiles: US ski team Olympian- On chasing snow and dreams, with a side of medicinal mushrooms

In today’s episode, I interview US downhill and super G ski team member and Olympian Jacqueline Wiles, aka Janky Lil’ J . Take a look at Jackie’s Instagram and you’ll see beautiful snow-capped mountains ranging from Chile to New Zealand to Switzerland. Jackie is living her dream, but her life isn’t always glamorous. Behind those photos […]

When Two Competitive Athletes Fall in Love

“Hi my name’s Keelin and we have a lot of classes together. We should study together.” Keelin Winters prepared for this exchange the second she spotted the blue-eyed brunette who shared 4 out of her 5 classes. Few things rattle Keelin. She comes from a competitive, confident family; a father who played and coached professional […]

The Car Crash That Killed her Soccer Career-Sinead Farrelly

 I don’t think it’s a coincidence that over 18 months ago, Sinead Farrelly  (former teammate, friend, and Arrow Liver) and I suffered a serious concussion just weeks apart. Throughout my recovery, this human has been my saving grace. There is an inexplicable comfort in having someone who is pursuing the same seemingly impossible challenge as you. A […]

EP 21-Katherine Reynolds: Professional Soccer Player- On working hard, striving to be your best, and picking a wedding dress

Professional soccer player, Katherine Reynolds has played in 79 out of the 86 National Women’s Soccer League matches. However, her path to becoming a consistent starter did not come without it’s challenges. After attending Santa Clara University, Katherine was drafted to the Boston Breakers. Just days before the beginning of the season, she was unexpectedly […]